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    Kizzy was a very social girl in her family group. Always kind, cheerful, and very passionate. She traveled many places and seen many things.

    One day they travelled very close to an expansive forest called Evermore. The elders warned all the children to never go in the forest because witches and other dark things lurked between the trees. Kizzy heeded their warning and stayed at least ten feet from the edge of the forest. A fortnight later, they were still slowly making their way along the road, and when no one but Kizzy was looking, a small girl ran into the forest. Kizzy feared it may have been one of her sisters and ran after her. The twisted trees became more and more threatening but still the girl ran through them, her eyes searching. After running for what seemed like forever, Kizzy stopped running and stumbled to the ground to catch her breath. The little girl appeared before her and it was indeed Kizzy’s sister but Kizzy had never seen the girl before.

“You can see me.” The girl said in an eerily emotionless way.

“Who are you?” Kizzy asked, fighting her fear with courage.

The small girl ran away again, giggling. Kizzy ran again. Minutes dragged into hours and still she chased the girl, not knowing the way out and finding a strange peace in knowing she wasn't alone.

Abruptly the forest had changed. A tall ring of trees surrounded her in a perfect circle. The little girl crooned, “You can see me. You can see more. You can see much much more.” She held out a tiny hand for Kizzy to hold, and Kizzy couldn’t help but be entranced by her. And despite how her instinct screamed at her not to go anywhere near the strange little girl, she clasped her hand with a ferocious curiosity for this strange peace in her.

Suddenly, the girl’s edges began to flicker and her tiny hand gripped Kizzy as hard as a vice. “YOU SHALL SEE.” The girl’s voice had changed as steamy ribbons began to blaze from her spectral body. Kizzy began to feel a deep shredding pain in her eye as she stared bewildered into the girl’s now demonic eyes. She looked away and watched as her hand began to absorb the girl and much shrieking could be heard from both girls. When it was over, Kizzy lie  curled up on the frosty ground shaking. She could hear so many voices; see so many things.

“Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much.” She whispered.


When she had recovered she walked out of the strange circle of trees with her broken body, and walked a short distance before she was at the road again. A family was there but it was not hers, until an old woman cried out.

    “Kizzy! ” She hobbled over as fast as her stuppy legs could take her. She held Kizzy’s face and looked at her eyes. Kizzy could not look back into her eyes, not after what had happened.

    “Kizzy. You look the same as the day I lost you!” This forced Kizzy to look at the woman, anywhere but the eyes she pleaded with the voices. Her eyes accidently found the old woman’s. It was her younger sister.


“Kizzy, I haven’t seen you in over seventy years!”

I'm playing the Gypsy at Evermore's Pumpkin Fest and I wanted to come up with a back story for my character. I wrote this at 5 in the morning XuX
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Submitted on
October 24, 2014